Nutritional information for Jammin' Jerk Chicken
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 5 oz (130g)
Servings Per Patty 1
Amount Per Serving
Calories 330 Calories from Fat 80
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 9g 13%
Saturated Fat 5g 25%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 50mg 16%
Sodium 410mg 17%
Total Carbohydrate 53mg 18%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 2g
Protein 12g
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6%
Iron 6%
* Ingredients of FILLING: Ground chicken, water, bread crumbs[enriched flour (flour, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin), water, corn syrup, yeast, buttermilk, partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening containing soybean and/or cotten seed oil, salt, dough conditioner (mono and diglycerides, ethoxylated mono and diglycerides), vinegar, calcium propionate (a preservative), malted barley flour, yeast nutrient (ammonium sulfate) and potassium bromate.], onions, peppers, modified corn starch, jerk seasoning [scallion, salt, pepper (capsicum), onion, pimento, cane vinegar, black pepper, garlic, thyme, spices, water], monosodium glutamate. TURNOVER CRUST: Enriched flour [bleached wheat flour, niacin, iron, potassium bromate, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, riboflavin, enzyme], water, beef suet, refined soybean oil, sugar, salt, calcium propionate (a preservative), art egg shade yellow powder (Salt, FD & C Yellow #5, FD & C Yellow #6).